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Orange Bow CIC is a community interest company that specialises in training and recruitment. At Orange Bow we understand the importance of a holistic approach to learning and development. As life becomes more rushed we understand the importance of a peace of mind to navigate our candidates away from stress, anxiety and depression. Within our courses we have adapted some parts of NLP as we understand that progression starts with self-knowledge. The majority of our courses is run with therapist/councillor as we understand that in many cases what is holding us back is not just economical but also can be mental. Since 2018 we have been carrying out revolutionary training methods all over London.

We mainly concentrate on Pre employment and Post employment training as we understand the progressive journey our candidates go on.


At Orange Bow, we are dedicated to providing quality services while promoting the wellbeing of our staff. These are our values:


Maintain positive, proactive and communicative relationships with customers, suppliers and colleagues

Quality and Excellence

Deliver customer service to a high standard using robust systems and processes and a positive supportive outlook


Treat others as you would have them treat you.

Effectiveness and Productiveness

Work smarter not harder. Constantly strive to improve systems and processes

Honesty and Integrity

All actions are driven by truth and a sense of fairness and respect


Orange will actively look for talent and develop our own people, everyone has a voice and should be heard
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We provide specialist courses to Individuals that could not afford it except through acquired funding. We have a close relationship to many recruiters around London who have grown to trust the quality of candidates we put forward.  Our Recruiter informs us about up and coming vacancies and the skills and training needed. We then begin our outreach program, working with partners such as Rising stars, Wecare Full stop and colleges such School of Computing and business Studies (SCBS)  and Job centres. Depending on the Job vacancies we then choose a course and the appropriate work experience we feel meets the needs of the employer


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Pre Employment Courses

As a  CIC Orange Bow is dedicated to helping equip the unemployed to gain the tools needed to have a successful  career in their chosen fields. Our courses combine elements of NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming, one to one or grouped counselling session along with the traditional training needed to gain successful employment. We understand there are numerous reasons why someone maybe unemployed whether it be anxiety, low self esteem issues or lack of opportunity. We work with our delegates to enable them to become the right man or woman for the job. Our courses are modelled on what the particular employer is looking for which means our candidates have a better chance of success.

Traineeship Course
Gain functional skills which provide information, advice and guidance on your chosen career path.

What you get:

  • Build up confidence and engage young people in fun activities such as a car boot sale to develop skills in team work, organisation, presentation and literacy/numeracy skills.
  • CV building, interview techniques, application form filing and job searching.
  • Customer service training such as dealing with customer complaints, taking bookings, enquires and personal presentation at the work place.
  • Place young people into paid sustainable employment.
  • Enrol them onto a suitable Apprenticeship scheme.

Course Q&A:

  • How long is the course?
    This is an intense 8 week course which consists of 2 days work placement as well as being based in the class room for 3 days.
  • What do I gain from it?
    You gain knowledge and skills for finding work, commencement of PAID employment after the course and a nationally recognised qualification in the form of an apprenticeship program.
  • Will my travel be reimbursed?
    All travel will be fully reimbursed with valid receipt/tickets presented at the end of the course.
  • What is the age group and location?
    The programme is for young people aged 16 – 23 living in London. Contact Orange Bow to see if we are in your borough ?
Business essentials – CPD Certified
Organisations want employees with the knowledge to do the job and the skills which will enable them to be effective in a workplace environment. Essential business skills will give the individuals   confidence to bring together these two fundamental elements of success, putting their knowledge into practice.

This is an inclusive, short and cost-effective course developed in the UK, with our trained staff.

This course is accredited by CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

What you get:

  • Backed by industry bodies and recruiters.
  • Master essential work skills.
  • Short and flexible content for fast learning.
  • Outstanding value.
  • Engaging and practical activities.
  • Builds confidence.
  • Official certificate on completion.

Course Q&A:

  • What is the course content?

Developing key competencies module:

Time management

Problem solving

Decision making

Report making

Presentation skills

Coping with organisational change

Critical thinking

Working with others module:

Emotional intelligence

Conflict resolution

Motivation: self and others



Coaching and mentoring


  • How long is the course?
    This is an intense 1-week course which consists of 2 weeks work placement. During the duration of the course we will work with employers to secure job interviews.
  • What do I gain from it?
    You gain interpersonal skills that will help not only in your work life but also skills that will help you manage your personal life, you will be given the tools to be successful in your work life.
  • Will my travel be reimbursed?
    All travel will be fully reimbursed with valid receipt/tickets presented at the end of the course.
  • What is the age group and location?
    The programme is for young people aged 16 – 23 living in London. Contact Orange Bow to see if we are in your borough?

Post Employment Courses

We understand the importance of supporting our delegates even after they have secured employment. Our post-employment support is not just for our candidates but also for the employers we have partnered up with. That is why once we have positioned a candidate in employment, we have numerous methods and courses to keep our delegates motivated. As we understand that a large number of individuals may not pass their 3 months’ probation without support.


Level 3 Diploma in IT User Skills
The Level 3 Diploma in User IT Skills is an A-Level equivalent varied and interesting course aimed at those Learners working with IT who wish to utilise their systems to their full potential and the benefit of their organisations. Progression from this course could lead to even higher and more specialized IT development courses such as business and data analysts, cyber security, technicians and Network Engineers to name but a few.

Who is the qualification for?

Designed for those who work with and have experience in everyday IT this course will develop a broader range of skills, in greater depth, that will produce a more rounded IT specialist within the workplace, which would lead to more efficiency and production through the use and understanding of IT and IT systems.

What does the qualification cover?

The qualification provides level 3 skills and knowledge that could lead to the specialised development of an individual in an area of IT. It can offer those growing within their job roles the confidence to work effectively with a greater depth of understanding of IT and its systems in order for an organisation to develop more efficient routine tasks and therefore increase communication, productivity and efficiency.

How will it benefit me?

The mandatory units of this Diploma offer core insights for those required to use IT within their organisation towards not only the development and benefit of the Learner themselves but also of the organisation as well, these are:

  • Improving Productivity Using IT
  • Understanding the Potential of
  • IT Developing Personal and Team Effectiveness Using IT
Business Admin - Level 3
Joining a business with a level 3 apprenticeship will see you accelerate your skills in managing team performance and development, project management and communication.

Gain experience in a real-world business environment and learn with our expert trainers, who will come to your workplace to deliver your training.

This apprenticeship focuses on improving business performance and enhancing employees’ skillsets.

Who is the qualification for? 

Business admin apprenticeship are for those that are looking for the following roles.

  1. Office Administrator
  2. Business Administrator
  3. Joining business support teams such as admin teams
  4. Secretary/PA

Learners can learn whilst they earn with plenty of professional support. They will be assigned a qualified tutor to provide them with help and support delivered by a blended learning approach through on and off the job training to ensure they develop the skills required for their role and to support their learning style.

What does the qualification cover?

The mandatory units of this Diploma offer core insights for those that are perusing a role such as office administrator and would like to use these skills within their organisation towards not only the development and benefit of the Learner themselves but also of the organisation as well, these are:

  • Manage personal and professional development
  • Communicate in a business environment
  • Principles of business communication and information
  • Principles of administration
  • Principles of business


Nelson Simoes

Nelson Simoes is a young man that was referred to us by Active Living Support.  He dropped out of college and did not know what do next. With no work tangible work experience and qualifications, he felt he didn’t have many options, but fortunately he enrolled on our Business Essential course in April 2019 and was a given work experience at Money Business TV.

Like Shanique, Nelson is now in active employment. He is enjoying 30 hours a week role within the world or marketing and advertising at MBTV. “I felt lost before being introduced to Orange Bow” said Nelson. He was also enrolled on an IT user skills apprenticeship on Monday 2nd September. On completing his apprenticeship, he is looking at the option of studying a business degree part time while still working at MBTV.

There are several success stories such as this. We at Orange Bow are very encouraged and excited to continue this good work.

Shanique McMorris

Shanique came to us as she had been finding it very difficult finding a job, despite her best efforts.  With minimal qualifications and experience employers would quickly discount her as someone that could add value to an organisation.

Having been refereed to us by our partners, Rising Stars Support, she enrolled in our Business Essentials course. Shanique then did a two-week work experience with Afro UK online and due to our support and her hard work Glen at Afro UK online ended up keeping her on for a 16 hour per month contract. Glen said normally “it is hard to find young hard-working people with the soft skills needed for business. Orange Bow did a good job training Shanique.”

Shanique will continue her work on a part time basis when she starts a further education course at University in January 2020.




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